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Additional Sanctions Against Russia and Belarus Under the Export Administration Regulations (EAR)


The Department of Commerce has expanded the scope of the EAR’s Russian and Belarusian Industry Sector Sanctions by expanding the foreign direct produc...

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Voluntary Self Disclosures and Third-Party Reporting


In a memo to export enforcement employees on April 18th, the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) emphasized the importance placed on companies volun...

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On April 5th, the Department of Justice announced the indictment of several companies and the forfeiture of over $800,000 as a result of an attempt to...

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Department of Commerce, Department of the Treasury, and Department of Justice Tri-Seal Compliance Note

Red Flag

The Department of Commerce, Department of the Treasury, and Department of Justice have issued a joint compliance note warning companies on the use of ...

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Export Requirements Regarding Trade/Air Shows- Reminder


Warmer weather is approaching and with it air shows. It is important to remember if you will be exhibiting any military/defense products or licensable...

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Restricted Parties Screening


A key component to every company’s export compliance program should be screening of the U.S. government export sanctioned lists prior to shipment. Com...

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Foreign Direct Product Rule


EAR §734.9 controls foreign-produced items located outside the United States that are subject to the EAR when they are a “direct product” of specified...

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Commerce Imposes Additional Export Restrictions in Response to Russia’s Brutal War on Ukraine


Restrictions Announced Today Coordinated Closely with International Partners and Demonstrate Steadfast Commitment to Ukraine WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today,...

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Encryption Reporting Due February 1


Annual and semi-annual reports for self-classified encryption items exported under paragraph (b)(1), (b)(2) and (b)(3)(iii) of License Exception ENC f...

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FAQs for Interim Final Rule – Advanced Computing and Semiconductor Manufacturing Items; Supercomputer and Semiconductor End Use


FAQs – Implementation of Additional Export Controls: Certain Advanced Computing and Semiconductor Manufacturing Items; Supercomputer and Semicon...

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