Wilmarth & Associates Trade Advisory Services offers in-house seminars and training designed to fit your particular export needs, products, type of business, and requirements.

We know that keeping teams aligned and in compliance is difficult for organizations as they adapt to their new working environments. We also understand the need for continued export compliance training which is why we will be providing live virtual webinars in lieu of in-person training for the foreseeable future.

With remote working, it is more challenging than ever to follow best practices with your export compliance.  That is why we are committed to continuing to deliver high quality and reliable export compliance/control training.  Our webinars cover the same content as our in-person seminars and allow for an interactive training with the ability to ask questions throughout the training, with each employee being able to log in from their home offices.

To see our training syllabus please go to: https://wilmarth-associates.com/export-seminars-training/seminar-outline/

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Webinars – Export Licensing and Compliance & Control

Below is list of Webinars provided by our firm. Please contact us if you would like additional information on any of the topics listed below.

  • The Canadian Exemption Provision: Requirements and Provisions
  • Foreign National Employees – Policy, Procedures and Licensing Requirements Pre and Post Employment
  • Temporary Imports and Exports under ITAR and the Temporary Import Exemption Provision
  • Sale and Supply of ITAR Products and Technical Data to U.S. Customers and Suppliers/Subcontractors
  • U.S. Export Jurisdiction and Classification of Product & Technology – Determination Process, Procedures and Controls
  • Technical Data and Services – Export Jurisdiction, Classification Determination and Internal Controls
  • Doing Business with Foreign Customers – Responsibilities and Requirements
  • Doing Business with Foreign Suppliers and Contractors – Responsibilities for Compliance with U.S. Export Laws
  • Doing Business with a Foreign Subsidiary as a Customer or Supplier – U.S. Export Responsibilities and Control
  • U.S. Export Compliance Policies & Procedures – Requirements & Recommendations to Comply with ITAR and EAR


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