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DECCS: Digital Certificates and Corporate Administrators

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When setting up corporate DECCS (State Department Licensing and Registration website) accounts there are two common oversights we have seen that can cause delays in the submission of licenses and registrations.

The most common mistake we see is companies not assigning more than one Corporate Administrator, or not having more than one employee with any DECCS access at all. Consequently, when that employee leaves or is out of the office for an extended period, companies are left to scramble to gain access, dealing with the help desk and having to submit a request to regain access to the corporate account.

The same problem often occurs with Digital Certificates. Empowered Officials purchase a single digital certificate from IdentTrust in order to be able to submit licenses and, when they leave employment, are out of the office, or get a new computer and forget to reinstall the Certificate or inadvertently allow the certificate to expire, there is no one left with the ability to submit licenses for up to a week. We would advise that ideally all Empowered Officials should purchase Digital Certificates. At the very least, there should be at least one back up Empowered Official with the ability to submit licenses.

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