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Along with Congressional Notification, there are reporting requirements for Wassenaar Convention and the U.N. for the export of 0A501.a and .b.  In order to comply with this requirement, a semi annual report will be required for Wassenaar and a yearly report for U.N. There is an alternative way to report that does not require drafting and submitting these reports but it will require you to inform your freight forwarder of the following:

(h) Alternative submission method This paragraph (h) describes an alternative submission method for meeting the conventional arms reporting requirements of this section. The alternative submission method requires the exporter, when filing the required EEI submission in AES, pursuant to § 758.1(b)(9) of the EAR, to include the items paragraph classification (i.e., .a, or .b) for ECCN 0A501 as the first text to appear in the Commodity description block. If the exporter properly includes this information in the EEI filing in AES, the Department of Commerce will be able to obtain that export information directly from AES to meet the U.S. Government’s commitments to the Wassenaar Arrangement and United Nations for conventional arms reporting. An exporter that complies with the requirements in § 758.1(g)(4)(ii) of the EAR does not have to submit separate annual and semi-annual reports to the Department of Commerce pursuant to this section.

You should provide this information to your freight forwarder and have them supply you with a printout of the AES entry for your records.

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