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Modification of Note to Paragraph VIII(h)(1); Parts Common to VIII(h)(1) Aircraft and KF-21

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DDTC has modified the Note to paragraph (h)(1) of USML Category VIII to state that parts, components, accessories, and attachments specially designed for aircraft identified in paragraph (h)(1) (B–1B, B–2, B–21, F–15SE, F/A–18 E/F, EA–18G, F–22, F–35), and future variants thereof; or the F–117 or U.S. Government technology demonstrators) are not released from that paragraph due to their reuse/having commonality with the KF–21 aircraft or variants thereof.

The Department assessed that this temporary modification does not change the export jurisdiction or classification of any existing commodities, as it only prevents the possibility of future release from paragraph (h)(1) due to use in the KF–21, which has not yet entered into production. Therefore, when the KF–21 enters production, any paragraph (h)(1) commodities authorized for export for this purpose will retain their current export classification described in paragraph (h)(1).

This temporary modification will be effective until December 1, 2024, or when terminated by the Department, whichever occurs first.

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