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Automated Export System Shipment Reminders

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If your company exports goods valued at more than $2,500 per Schedule B number to anywhere other than Canada or goods that require an export license, the regulations require that you submit the Electronic Export Information (EEI) through AES (Automated Export System).

AES filing is exempt for shipments of BIS controlled .y. paragraph 9×515 or “600-series” items with a value of $2,500 or less or destined to Canada

Below are the license codes for entry into AES.

  • S05 – DSP-5 – Report License Number
  • SAG – Agreements – Report Exemption Provision
  • SOO – License Exemption Citation
  • C30- Commerce (BIS)- BIS748P- Report License Number
  • C33 – Commerce (BIS) – No License Required – Report (NLR)
  • C39-C59- Various Commerce License Exception Citation (Select Appropriate Code)
  • C60 – 600-Series/9×515 .y. items NLR (DY6 in license field of AES)

AES entries for BIS controlled items that are inconsistent with the guidelines/requirements will be flagged and reported to BIS compliance for further review. This review process can entail a request for information being sent to the exporter and voluntary disclosure requirements if exports were completed incorrectly.

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