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Export Seminars & TrainingWilmarth & Associates Trade Advisory Services offers in house seminars and training designed to fit your particular export needs, products, type of business, and requirements.

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Webinars – Export Licensing and Compliance & Control

Below is list of Webinars provided by our firm. Please contact us if you would like to sign up or would like additional information on any of the topics listed below.

  • The Canadian Exemption Provision: Requirements and Provisions 
  • Foreign National Employees - Policy, Procedures and Licensing Requirements Pre and Post Employment
  • Temporary Imports and Exports under ITAR and the Temporary Import Exemption Provision
  • Sale and Supply of ITAR Products and Technical Data to U.S. Customers and Suppliers/Subcontractors
  • U.S. Export Jurisdiction and Classification of Product & Technology - Determination Process, Procedures and Controls
  • Technical Data and Services - Export Jurisdiction, Classification Determination and Internal Controls
  • Doing Business with Foreign Customers - Responsibilities and Requirements
  • Doing Business with Foreign Suppliers and Contractors - Responsibilities for Compliance with U.S. Export Laws
  • Doing Business with a Foreign Subsidiary as a Customer or Supplier - U.S. Export Responsibilities and Control
  • U.S. Export Compliance Policies & Procedures - Requirements & Recommendations to Comply With ITAR and EAR


Throughout the years, our international trade consultants have been members of the following trade and business associations.

- Aerospace Industries Association
- American Association of Importers and Exporters
- American Management Association
- Better Business Bureau
- Connecticut Business and Industry Association
- Electronics Industry Association
- Greater Hartford Chamber of Commerce
- National Committee on International Trade Documentation
- Society for International Affairs
- U.S. Department of Commerce District Export Counsel
- University of Connecticut International Trade Counsel
- United States Counsel for International Business
- World Affairs Council

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