Export Compliance Programs

Export Compliance ProgramsDeveloping a comprehensive, effective export compliance program is an important requirement for any company involved with U.S. controlled product or technical data.

An effective export compliance program consists of the following:


Export Control Systems Including Policies and Procedures and Technology Control Plans

  • Policies and Procedures- The export P&P primarily contains controls over sales/shipment of product but also contains additional controls over technical data, including internal qualification of ITAR/EAR technical data and shipment/transfer rights/requirements for decision making.
  • Technology Control Plan- The TCP is used to control Foreign National Visitors/Employees access to controlled technical data/products.

Export Licensing and Documentation Systems


Training Programs

  • All export involved parties should be trained on the laws and regulations associated with export transactions.  Wilmarth & Associates offers in house training and online webinars.

Compliance Reviews/Audits

  • An export compliance audit is a comprehensive and efficient way to ensure that a company's internal controls are sufficient and correct. Wilmarth & Associate’s audits identify limitations and vulnerabilities that exist within your current system and provide processes to solve those limitations.

Export Restricted Parties Check – Restricted Parties Manual

  • It is necessary for any company involved in export sales/transfers to have the capability to internally check/validate that no countries or parties to an export sale/shipment are subject to any USG restrictions. Wilmarth & Associates provides a consolidated Restricted Parties Manual that is easy to use and cost effective.

Implementation of Export Compliance Programs

As you can see, the implementation of a successful Export Compliance Program depends on many factors. Our consultants will help you understand, execute, and manage a comprehensive compliance program that positions your company for success.

  • You'll get an experienced trade consultant working directly with you during the drafting and implementation process.
  • Our experts are knowledgeable in all aspects of Export Control. This saves you from having to decipher regulatory jargon yourself.
  • Avoid costly and time consuming disclosures by ensuring your company's compliance to U.S. export laws and regulations.

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- Foreign National Employee Licensing
- Export Shipment Documentation
- Technical Data Export Requirements
- Export Classification of Product


Our current clients include U.S. and foreign manufacturers, maintenance and repair organizations, distributors, brokers, freight forwarders and law firms. Below is a sampling of the industries we serve.

- Aircraft and Engine
- Military/Defense
- Electronics including Interconnect Products and Printed Wiring Boards
- Satellite & Space
- Telecommunications Systems
- Metal Products
- Firearms, Ammunition and Weapons Systems
- Nuclear

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