Export Compliance Audits

Export Compliance AuditsAn export compliance audit is an integral part of a comprehensive export compliance program. It is an efficient way to ensure that a company's internal controls are sufficient and correct. Our audit will identify limitations and vulnerabilities that exist within your current system. Wilmarth & Associates' compliance audits include a thorough review and written analysis of a company's export transactions and activities in the following areas:

  • Adequacy, accuracy, and effectiveness of export control policies, procedures and practices
  • Accuracy of export documents and maintenance of documents and supporting records
  • U.S. export licensing jurisdiction/classification of product
  • Review of existing EAR and ITAR licenses, use of licenses and license exceptions and exemption provisions
  • Review of procedures for technical data and assistance provided to foreign customers and suppliers
  • Review of control over Foreign Nationals including employees and subcontractors
  • Review of EAR and ITAR license application preparation including supporting documentation
  • Adherence to denial/debarment and other restricted parties list restrictions and required controls
  • Legal liability and responsibility for export transactions
  • Evaluation of service providers liability and responsibility

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- Foreign National Employee Licensing
- Export Shipment Documentation
- Technical Data Export Requirements
- Export Classification of Product


Our current clients include U.S. and foreign manufacturers, maintenance and repair organizations, distributors, brokers, freight forwarders and law firms. Below is a sampling of the industries we serve.

- Aircraft and Engine
- Military/Defense
- Electronics including Interconnect Products and Printed Wiring Boards
- Satellite & Space
- Telecommunications Systems
- Metal Products
- Firearms, Ammunition and Weapons Systems
- Nuclear

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