DoD Compliance & Procedures

DOD Compliance

Companies engaged in the manufacture of products or use of technical data controlled by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) must comply with a myriad of laws and regulations, including those applicable to export sales and shipments.  Wilmarth & Associates has extensive experience and knowledge of DOD regulations and requirements needed to support your business.

Our services encompass DOD compliance documents & compliance plans, including:

  • National Industrial Security Program (NISP) - Construction of controls and procedures to comply with requirements of National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM)
  • Registration for access to Military Critical Technical Data – DD 2345
  • Registration of Canadian companies under U.S. Military Critical Technical Data joint certification program
  • Evaluation and construction of controls, procedures, application and approval for DOD classified clearance
  • FMS authorizations including MAPAC approval, DDTC, CBP
  • Implementation of internal controls to meet DOD compliance standards for physical security of arms, ammunition and explosives
  • Evaluation and interpretation of control and restrictions over DOD Distribution Statements assigned to technical data
  • Interpretation and advice on DOD DFARS compliance and reporting requirements for U.S. import and/or export activity
  • Representation in response to DOD inquiry, violations or penalties

DoD compliance is crucial to the success of your business.

Experience counts. Call Wilmarth & Associates at (860) 651-8544 to speak with one of our export compliance consultants.


Our current clients include U.S. and foreign manufacturers, maintenance and repair organizations, distributors, brokers, freight forwarders and law firms. Below is a sampling of the industries we serve.

- Aircraft and Engine
- Military/Defense
- Electronics including Interconnect Products and Printed Wiring Boards
- Satellite & Space
- Telecommunications Systems
- Metal Products
- Firearms, Ammunition and Weapons Systems
- Nuclear

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